Win2x and FreeBSD on one box

Jud judmarc at
Mon May 26 16:53:20 PDT 2003

On Tue, 27 May 2003 01:15:33 -0700, <munchev at> wrote:

> Have anybody instaled win 2k and FreeBSD on one system. I got problem 
> whit partetitions ... win and FBSD want to live ot the first partetition. 
> Some sugestions pls I going to do some self killing :)

Many people have done this, including me.  In fact, I've done it many times 
with no problems at all, on totally separate drives, together on the same 
drive(s), with parts of both operating systems overlapping from a RAID0 
array to a standalone hard drive....  So to help figure out why you are 
having a problem while many others are not, you will have to provide more 
detail.  The more helpful information you can provide, the more help you 
are likely to get.

On what drive(s) are you trying to install Win2K and FreeBSD?  Is Win2K 
already present, or will you be doing a new installation of both?  Are 
there any operating systems on the drive(s) now, or is it freshly 
formatted?  What partition(s) exist on the drive(s)?  Are they primary, 
logical, extended?  Are you using the install procedure from the CD?  What 
version of FreeBSD are you trying to install?  While it is quite typical 
for Win2K to want to live on the first partition of a drive where there are 
no other Windows operating systems, I have never had the slightest problem 
installing FreeBSD on the second or third partition (or in FreeBSD 
parlance, "slice") of a drive.


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