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> > I have googled and I have RTFM'd but I am missing something :o(
> > How do I set the background colour of the ENTIRE window and screen ?
> > I just hate black lol and would like blue :o)
> Look at the manpage of vidcontrol:
> 	$ man vidcontrol
> You should be able to change the current colour of console terminals
> like this:
> 	$ vidcontrol white blue

This is for the console, I just want to change it for a program I am writing

I am using ncurses as it is C based and fits in well, also I am learning
more advanced C at the same time (it is harder being an EE as I am ore used
to the modified C we use in our devices, although it seems the book I used
to learn c from on the micro controller side dealt with arrays and pointers
better (well I understood it :o)


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