Giorgos Keramidas keramida at
Mon May 26 09:09:33 PDT 2003

On 2003-05-26 22:34, Katinka Mills wrote:
> I have googled and I have RTFM'd but I am missing something :o(
> How do I set the background colour of the ENTIRE window and screen ?
> I just hate black lol and would like blue :o)

Look at the manpage of vidcontrol:

	$ man vidcontrol

You should be able to change the current colour of console terminals
like this:

	$ vidcontrol white blue

For extra fun, you can change the colours used for "reverse video" too,
with something like:

	$ vidcontrol -r blue white white blue

or even add a border of the same colour:

	$ vidcontrol -b blue -r blue white white blue

When you play around and decide what colour combination you want to
keep, it's easy to make the change in /etc/rc.conf to set these colours
automatically at boot time. Just add the colours you like best to the
'allscreens_flags' variable (add it to a new line if you don't have it
already), i.e.

	allscreens_flags="-b blue -r blue white white blue"

- Giorgos

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