dumb newbie question about file-name completion

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Sun May 25 15:46:57 PDT 2003

> On Sunday 25 May 2003 23:31, Adam wrote:
> > Here's a dumb newbie question...
> >
> > hours playing around, I've hit an annoying snag with
> > the tab key file-name completion. Everything works
> > just fine when I'm logged in as root, but when I try
> > to use any of my other accounts I can't use this
> > feature (I don't even get the [BEEP]). What am I doing
> > wrong? Is it possible that my keyboard configuration
> > is not carried over to the user accounts I set up?
> You have probably given the user accounts a shell that doesn't have 
> tab-completion.
> with the chsh command you can change your shell.
> (in /etc/master.passwd you can see what shells your users have)

All true, except that you should not look at /etc/master.passwd
directly.  (you might go blind!!)    Look at just /etc/passwd instead
since it is in there and doesn't require you to tamper with more
secure file.    You can use vipw to set the shells or chsh like
some others have said.


> grtz,
> Daan

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