Installation problems: filesystem is (not) full

Tom Verbreyt tom at
Sun May 25 13:58:31 PDT 2003

Roman Neuhauser:

<errors with / being full to FreeBSD>

>> So I'm lost.
> strange, I've been always fine with much smaller / partitions.

Well - I was sure, too, that 2 gigs were quite, ehm, overkill. But I don't
think it has anything to do with the size of the partition (although I'm
going to try it with the autosizing, as another kind soul suggested)... I
mean, FBSD should install *fully* in 2 gigs, so a root partition of that
size is - hm... is there another word for "overkill"? :-)

> what is the "I/O-thingy" you talk about? do you mean softupdates by
> any chance?

No no, I remember having read something about I/O-streams being
controlled by the BIOS, and about an option to enable it at boot time.
Let me see...

On some systems, the BIOS does not activate the I/O ports and
memory of PC devices, thus making them unusable. The
hw.pci.enable_io_modes sysctl/boot loader variable (which defaults
to 1, for ``enabled'') forces FreeBSD to enable these devices so that
they can be used.

But the phrase "pci" makes me think it might only be related to PCI
devices :-) Since it defaults to enabled, however, that shouldn't be the
problem in any case.

Anyway, let's go again, with the autosizing.

Thanks for your reply,


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