Lost XFree86-4

Bob Perry rperry4 at earthlink.net
Sat May 24 12:18:51 PDT 2003

Thanks much for the quick response.  I found two archived messages that
might apply.  The first referenced my original upgrade problem suggesting
that I "pkg_delete -f" all XFree packages found with "pkg_info | grep
XFree".  Then install the XFree86-4-Server.  I assume all of the other
packages follow.  The second message concerned upgrading from XFree86 3.x to
XFree86 4.x.  Here, the recommendation was to remove /usr/X11R6 entirely
then install XFree86 4.x.

The overall message seems to suggest removing anything having to do with
X11R6 and reinstall from the beginning..

Thanks again.

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