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Fri May 23 11:43:04 PDT 2003

   I have installed FBSD 4.8 on my Dell notebook Inspiron 1100.  The 
internal NIC is not recognized at all so I am trying to use a PCMCIA Linksys 
model PCM100 PC card.  The card is on the supported hardware list found here 
http://www.freebsd.org/releases/4.8R/hardware-i386.html#ETHERNET As you 
might has guessed I'm writing because I cant get the card to function.  
During a normal install of FBSD on a workstation with a PCI NIC the DHCP 
scan finds the Road Runner connection from my router automatically and I'm 
set up with internet connectivity, end of story.

   The card was not recognized during install so after the install reboot I 
went back into the post install configuration via /stand/sysinstall and 
attempted to configure additional network interfaces and when doing so the 
choice "faith0 <unknown network interface type>" showed up.  I attempted to 
configure DHCP but it would not find my connection automatically and 
attempting to input any of the information would not help either.

   This is where I am and not really sure where to go next.  The hardware 
support has a link to ed(4) driver which is used by the PCMCIA card NIC's.  
Is this something that I have to compile into the kernel?  Hoping for some 
assistance to get this card up and running.

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