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Andy Farkas andyf at
Thu May 22 14:49:00 PDT 2003

On Thu, 22 May 2003, Mark wrote:

> > Go into /etc/syslog.conf and uncomment the `*.* /var/log/all.log
> > line. touch /var/log/all.log and restart syslogd.
> >
> > Now you can monitor all messages sent to syslogd.
> Indeed, this now works. :) But I get a LOT of messages in /var/log/all.log!
> Is there not a way I can log 'the rest'? See, now I have something like:
> ...
>   /var/log/maillog
>   /var/log/lpd-errs
> cron.*    /var/log/cron
> *.err    root
> *.notice;news.err  root
> *.alert    root
> *.emerg    *
> *.*    /var/log/router.log
> But what I would really want is: "Everything which is not covered by any of
> the above, log to /var/log/router.log". Something like: "!*.*". Well, you
> know what I mean.

Try this command:  man syslogd

> If that is not possible, is there a way I can determine to what syslog
> facility the router is logging? (like "mail.crit" or something).

I always run syslogd with -vv flag....

ps. sorry about being terse - but thats what man pages are for...if you
need more help after reading the man page, ask then...


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