FW: SCP problems - SOLVED [kinda- see below]

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Thu May 22 09:34:13 PDT 2003

John Straiton wrote:
[ ... ]
> I found an article in comp.unix.questions talking about how the .cshrc
> file might have enviroment preferences before it's interactive shell
> checks which would cause the mtime error. Come to find that I had
> disabled the shell for the HOST2 as I didn't need that functionality.
> With the shell disabled, I would get that error message. With it set, I
> can scp just fine.

scp works by running ssh underneath, and ssh will either try to run the 
users' shell or invoke the command being passed to it.

> Would the appropriate setup then be to just have the .cshrc exit as
> early as possible that will still allow this to work or what? I really
> don't want to worry about people having another avenue into the machine
> if possible.

What are you trying to accomplish?  You want to let users authenticate 
and be able to copy files, but not have an interactive shell on that 


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