Update Firewall Rules

Nils Vogels nivo+freebsd-questions at yuckfou.org
Thu May 22 07:05:43 PDT 2003

On Thu, May 22, 2003 at 09:11:46AM -0400, Carolyn Longfoot (CL) wrote:
CL> Good advice against lock-outs though. Is generally the preferred approach 
CL> to use different files for different rules, rather than keep sets in 
CL> /etc/rc.firewall? And if so, how do you set this up in /etc/rc.conf, since 
CL> the firewall type by default looks at rc.firewall...

Having a look at /etc/defaults/rc.conf:

firewall_enable="NO"            # Set to YES to enable firewall functionality
firewall_script="/etc/rc.firewall" # Which script to run to set up the firewall
firewall_type="UNKNOWN"         # Firewall type (see /etc/rc.firewall)
firewall_quiet="NO"             # Set to YES to suppress rule display
firewall_logging="NO"           # Set to YES to enable events logging
firewall_flags=""               # Flags passed to ipfw when type is a file

So, if you would set firewall_script to some homegrown script that setups up
your firewall for you, instead of the default rc.firewall, all should be fine
and dandy :)



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