Update Firewall Rules

Carolyn Longfoot c_longfoot at hotmail.com
Thu May 22 06:11:47 PDT 2003

Thanks to all who replied, lots of food for thought!

Maybe my setup is a little different than what people use because I have 
different rule sets in /etc/rc.firewall (which is the default with OPEN, 
SIMPLE and CLIENT) and one of them is configured in /etc/rc.conf.

So my question is how I change from one rule set to another that is defined 
in rc.firewall. The problem should simply be how to pass the parameter (and 
to what) because
sh /etc/rc.firewall OPEN
does not work, this simply reloads the same rule set that's defined in 

Good advice against lock-outs though. Is generally the preferred approach to 
use different files for different rules, rather than keep sets in 
/etc/rc.firewall? And if so, how do you set this up in /etc/rc.conf, since 
the firewall type by default looks at rc.firewall...

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