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Ralph Dratman ralph at
Wed May 21 20:36:20 PDT 2003


Your basic idea (fiddle with the source) worked, and now wget is working!

I really hadn't thought of changing any source code, because I don't 
know much about FreeBSD internals. Well, nothing, you might say. But 
I guess in the case of getting ports to build, it's really not such a 
big deal. I only had to modify the wget source, no libraries, thank 

In this case I went back to the 4.2 distribution and loaded up the 
old wget port that came with it. Even that version wouldn't build 
(something updated later out of sync, no doubt).

But the link message, which was unrelated to the earlier libintl 
problem, was quite clear, and I just needed to eliminate a few lines 
of code that, fortunately, were noted in the comments as inessential.

And yes, I tried ldd. Most informative. (I could no doubt spend the 
rest of my life learning this stuff.)

Thank you very much for your help.

Any advice on getting a live server, now running 4.2, up to 4.7 or 4.8?



>In the last episode (May 21), Ralph Dratman said:
>> So it appears that the particular shared object in question,
>>, is not included in (this version of?) gettext.
>Find whatever port is trying to use and rebuild it too.
>ldd /usr/local/bin/* should help here.  The portupgrade port makes it a
>cinch to do a force-rebuild of arbitrary ports.  You won't be able to
>use binary packages on a userland as old as 4.2, but you should be able
>to compile whatever you need from ports.
>> There is an additional cryptic message I keep getting during builds,
>> which just might conceivably be relevant:
>>   /bin/realpath: not found
>I've been able to use the ports tree on a system with a 4.0(!) kernel
>and userland by rebuilding certain binaries from the base system as
>necessary.  From a quick examination, it looks like I've only had to
>build newer versions of lib/libc, lib/libfetch, usr.bin/make,
>usr.sbin/pkg_install, bin/realpath, share/mk, and the files in
>etc/mtree.  You can get away with not updating libc if you replace
>calls to getprogname() with __progname (prototype it as extern char
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