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Dan Nelson dnelson at
Wed May 21 18:49:01 PDT 2003

In the last episode (May 21), Ralph Dratman said:
> So it appears that the particular shared object in question, 
>, is not included in (this version of?) gettext.

Find whatever port is trying to use and rebuild it too. 
ldd /usr/local/bin/* should help here.  The portupgrade port makes it a
cinch to do a force-rebuild of arbitrary ports.  You won't be able to
use binary packages on a userland as old as 4.2, but you should be able
to compile whatever you need from ports.
> There is an additional cryptic message I keep getting during builds,
> which just might conceivably be relevant:
>   /bin/realpath: not found

I've been able to use the ports tree on a system with a 4.0(!) kernel
and userland by rebuilding certain binaries from the base system as
necessary.  From a quick examination, it looks like I've only had to
build newer versions of lib/libc, lib/libfetch, usr.bin/make,
usr.sbin/pkg_install, bin/realpath, share/mk, and the files in
etc/mtree.  You can get away with not updating libc if you replace
calls to getprogname() with __progname (prototype it as extern char

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