Upgrading stable behind a proxy

Martin Krzysiak cinek at gmx.de
Wed May 21 09:49:43 PDT 2003

My PC at work is behind an HTTP-proxy which I don't have access to. I want to 
upgrade my FreeBSD from 4.7 to stable.

Problem number 1 - cvsup:

How do I specify a HTTP-proxy (which does not accept a CONNECT command) for 

Problem number 2 - custom install (not a FreeBSD problem):

I found out the proxy is broken and I cannot download files with certain 
extensions (.ai for example; NO! It's not a filter! The proxy is _really_ 
broken! It's running on Windows, so I don't know about it.). So I cannot 
simply download files like '.aa' to '.zz' from the http/ftp-mirrors.

Additional remark: I am really glad that fetch works (.tgz & .tbz), so I can 
build ports at least, but cvsup'ing the ports-tree is impossible, too (I am 
always downloading it in one ports.tar.gz file).

Small request: is it possible to use other extensions for the splitted files 
on the servers? I know it's a difficult thing. I suppose, you want to keep 
the 8.3 MS-DOS style.

Problem number 3 - downloading snapshots:

I downloaded one from an official mirror. I mounted the image and started 
"./install.sh all" (I think) inside the sources-directory. I thought it would 
install "the world", after a "make buildworld" it said something about 
missing openssl sources. (I checked the MD5, it was ok.)

I guess rsync over the broken proxy (without CONNECT) will not work either. I 
think I will burn my "world" from here on CD.

Any other ideas?


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