Recomendation for a lightweigth window manager

Vlad D.Markov markov at
Tue May 20 17:48:12 PDT 2003

As I understand X, the application gets a message to close or delete and
that causes it to close. There is a destroy message that will in effect
kills the X application.

If your users have access to xkill, they can destroy windows.

Most Window managers permit you to associate actions with the
decorations, menus, and keys. I use fvwm or fvwm2 and it lets me
configure all these things. I don't see why you could not configure the
window manager to just have the options on the window decoration to
minimize/maximize, no key bindings, and a menu that just permits the
browser to be launched. TWM and other window managers can also be
configured how you want.

Until last year I ran an Intel 486. It wasn't the Window manager that
was the problem; it was the browser followed closely by XFree86. Anybody
remember Chimera? Now that was a nice X browser.

On Wed, 21 May 2003 01:08:49 +0200
Jalle <defacto at> wrote:

> How about KDE-3.1? Moahaha!
> Sorry, bad yolk... but if you want a fast and stable (and standards 
> compliant) WM I'd personally recommend fluxbox or blackbox.
> However, that's very personal, so you should have a look at
> for further tips and inspiration.
> Do you mean that you want the WM to be configured to keep users from 
> closing the application?
> Tough one, it should probably be done from within the application
> itself in some way.
> If anyone should have a spot-on match in this case, I'm kinda curious
> too, so please reply to the list.
> /Jalle
> At 18:30 2003-05-20 -0400, stan wrote:
> >I'm setting up a machine to sue as a dedicated replacement for an
> >alarm printer on a control system.
> >
> >I was not planing to use a window manager at all, and I actually have
> >a rather nice looking X session with no borders working. However, now
> >I have a request to add a browser to allow looking at some web based
> >stuff.
> >
> >I want to setup a user interface where the operators can iconify, and
> >resize windows, but not close them. The machine in question is only a
> >P at .
> >
> >So what would you recommend for a very lightweight window manager for
> >this application?
> >
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