Recomendation for a lightweigth window manager

Jalle defacto at
Tue May 20 16:08:49 PDT 2003

How about KDE-3.1? Moahaha!
Sorry, bad yolk... but if you want a fast and stable (and standards 
compliant) WM I'd personally recommend fluxbox or blackbox.
However, that's very personal, so you should have a look at
for further tips and inspiration.

Do you mean that you want the WM to be configured to keep users from 
closing the application?
Tough one, it should probably be done from within the application itself in 
some way.

If anyone should have a spot-on match in this case, I'm kinda curious too, 
so please reply to the list.


At 18:30 2003-05-20 -0400, stan wrote:
>I'm setting up a machine to sue as a dedicated replacement for an alarm
>printer on a control system.
>I was not planing to use a window manager at all, and I actually have a
>rather nice looking X session with no borders working. However, now I have
>a request to add a browser to allow looking at some web based stuff.
>I want to setup a user interface where the operators can iconify, and
>resize windows, but not close them. The machine in question is only a P at .
>So what would you recommend for a very lightweight window manager for this
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