Need help with the sound card!!

Aaron Peterson aaron at
Tue May 20 14:32:44 PDT 2003

i have my sound card working, but need to learn about module management
for freebsd still.  i'm very hazy :)...  So you are saying that for all
the sound card support there is a module already built that you can
load/unload with kldload, and you only need to add "device pcm" (for
example) to your kernel config and recompile/reinstall if you want it to
be a static part of the kernel?  are all device drivers handled likewise?

> On Tue, May 20, 2003 at 04:38:31PM -0400, Konokrad wrote:
> > Hello again. I really need help with this thing. I use FreeBSD 4.7 and I
> > have rebuild the kernel a couple of times with different drivers. I
> > tried including
> [...]
> > I checked the BIOS settings on this thing and they called the card
> > "Interwave SB Digital Audio". It was at IRQ 5 and port 0x220.
> > 
> > Which drivers do I use to set this thing to work?
> Don't mess with building a kernel until you have found the right driver.
> The simplest way I know is (as root) "kldload /modules/snd.ko". Then
> watch the output on a console, via dmesg(8), and/or the contents of
> /var/log/messages to see which (if any) of the kld modules liked your
> sound card.
> Its been a few months since I've been in there doing what you are doing
> but IIRC /modules/snd.ko is an "all-modules" module. Once you figure out
> what is needed then you could either build a new kernel or simply add it
> to /boot/loader.conf (see /boot/defaults/loader.conf for example).
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