about install and removing freeBSD

Jalle defacto at home.se
Tue May 20 11:13:18 PDT 2003

At 15:52 2003-05-20 +0000, burak buyuran wrote:
>     Hello freeBSD team,
>  I wanna ask you some questions about installing and removing freeBSD 5.0 
> for i386. I tried to install freeBSD 5.0 for i386 to one of my friends PC 
> last week.I installed freeBSD 5.0 well to his PC,but i think i did 
> something wrong in the partition section of installing(By the way i 
> installed freeBSD 5.0 by CDrom and using "miniinst" CD ) .
>   Here are my questions;
>  1-Does this installing stuff has a graphic interface?If so,how can i 
> install it by using a graphical interface?

Question already answered, but no, there is no graphical installer for 
FreeBSD. A lot of ppl like the curses-based installation tool better, but 
IMHO, I wouldn't mind if there was a graphical installer as well... Let ppl 
chose themselves what they want to use. But hey, if I want it so badly, why 
don't I just make one myself? =o)
But the sysinstall interface is quite easy to use, don't be scared just 
because you can't use the mouse. It's easy to follow the installation up 
the the...

>  2-The partition section of the install was very complex and 
> confusing,which selections and choices you advice me during that 
> partition section?

...where most newcomers (and some of the more experienced users too) get 
confused. FreeBSD uses the term "slice" instead of "partition". The 
handbook covers this kinda neatly.
http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/install.html See 
section 2.5.6 for size indications...

>  3-How can i remove(uninstall) this Operation Sytem freeBSD 5.0 from the 
> drive that i installed?

Why would you want to do that?!? =o)
Well, I suppose "fdisk" or "format" would do the trick. If you want a 
graphical tool for this, try Partition Magic for windows, or the Disk 
Management tool in w2k/winXP.

>  My questions are just 3 now :)
>  I'll be glad if you consider these questions and reply to me.

>  Have a nice day.

U 2!


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