Strange log message in daily security run?

Ian Dowse iedowse at
Tue May 20 02:17:55 PDT 2003

In message <20030520035715.Q18906-100000 at>, Ciro writes:
>Every now and again I'll get the following mess in my nightly security
>run email. Is it a bug, bit-rot, or some kind of attack, or none of the
>above? Has Anyone run into this mess before?
> kernel log messages:
>^H\^P \^P\^D\^B@\^H\^H\^D \^P\^A \^A@\^B\^H(\^D\^B\M^@\M^@\^P\^B\^H\
>^A\^BCopiright (c) 1992m2002 The FreeB\^SF PrO*ect.

Does it just occur within a day or two of a reboot? If so it's
nothing to worry about. This can happen if the system memory is not
cleared by the BIOS and can get corrupted while rebooting (the
memory contents rot away while the DRAM refresh mechanism is

When FreeBSD boots up, it sees what it thinks is an intact message
buffer, so it decides not to clear it (sometimes panic messages
before a reboot survive, so this can be very useful). The problem
has been fixed in -CURRENT by adding a checksum to the message


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