Strange log message in daily security run?

Ciro domino at
Tue May 20 01:00:18 PDT 2003

Every now and again I'll get the following mess in my nightly security
run email. Is it a bug, bit-rot, or some kind of attack, or none of the
above? Has Anyone run into this mess before? kernel log messages:
> \^D\^H
\^P\M^@\^H\^D\^A@\^H \^D\^B \^B\^A\M^@\M^@@\^P\M^@ \^D   \^H  \^H
\^B\^B\^B@\^A\^B\^D\^B\^A \^B\^P@\^P\^H \^H\^A\^P\^B
\^A\^A\^P\^H\^B\M^@\^A \^A\^H\^A\^D\^D\^D\^B\^P\^B\M^@ \^H\^D\^H\^P\M^B
\^H\M^B \^B\^P\^B\^H\^D \^H\^A\M^@\^H\^D\^H@@\^A @\^H \M^@B\^A\^B\
^B\^P\M^@\M^@\^B\M^@\^B@\^H\^B\^D \^B\^D\^A\^B\^B\M^@\^H\^P\^A\^A  \^H
\^P\^B@ \^D\^A\M^@\^P\M^@\^H\^A\^H\^P \^B\^D\^B\M^@\M^@ \^H\^D\^D\
^H\^A\^B\^P \^H\^B\^B\^D\^B\M^@\^P\M^@\^A\M^@\M^@@\^D\^D\^D\^B\^H\
^A\M^@\^P\M^@@`\^D\^D @\^B \^H \^B@\^A \M^@\M^@\^H\^B\^H@\^P\^H@\^A
@\^D\^A\^D\^H\^A\M^@\^H\^B\^B \^D\^B	\^H\^P\M^@\^H\M^@\^B\^H\^D
\^P\^H\M^@\^D\^A\^H \^P\M^@\^D \^H@\^B\^B@\^D   @\^H \^P  \^A@\^P\M^
@\^D@\^B\^D\^B\^A\^B\^A\^B\^H\^A\M^@\M^@ @\^H@\^H\^P\M^@\^H\^B\^A@ \
^H\M^@@@\M^@@\^B\^D\^P\^D\M^@@\M^@\^P\^H\^H\^H\^H@ @ @\M^@\M^@\^B\^T\
^B\^P\^A\^B @\^P\^D\^D@\^A\^D\^B@\^B\^H\^A@\^H\^D\^P\^A\^B\^H\^A    \
^H\^P \^P\^D\^B@\^H\^H\^D \^P\^A \^A@\^B\^H(\^D\^B\M^@\M^@\^P\^B\^H\
^A\^BCopiright (c) 1992m2002 The FreeB\^SF PrO*ect.


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