FreeBSD 4.7 vs 4.8

Mikael Lönnqvist Mikael.Lonnqvist at
Tue May 20 00:09:10 PDT 2003

Hi Harry,
I would go for 4.8 if I where you. Don't know exactly what's in the
Additional CD's for 4.7, I seem to remember that it was 3 CD's just as for
4.8 (have them both installed) ?. It might be a replica of the ports skeleton, 
But you will get all you need with 4.8...

You should read the documentation, the handbook for instructions on how to
Upgrade ports, of for that matter the OS itself,, if that's what you planning to do

Just go for 4.8 and take it from there,,,

Best rgs from another Newbie

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I am new to BDS.  I downloaded Rel 4.7 which takes up 6 CDs (one is a mini Unix I understand that is not needed).  I later downloaded Rel 4.8, 
3CDs (one is  a mini).  Should I install 4.8 to get the latest or do 4.7 first as it has more CDs and then upgrade with 4.8?  What is a newbie to do?

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