need help repairing this system... mount issues

Andy Farkas andyf at
Sun May 18 17:08:31 PDT 2003

On Sun, 18 May 2003, Bsd Neophyte wrote:

> however, i'm still getting the same issue with your method.  the following
> errors appear:
> mknod: ad4: Read-only file system
> /sbin/mknod ad4
> this happens about 5 times starting with ad4 and ending with ad4s4.  how
> can i resolve this?

Sounds like you've booted into single user mode and not remounted the file
systems. Try this (starting from scratch):

boot -s
fsck -p
mount -u /
mount -a
adjkerntz -i
cd /dev
sh MAKEDEV ad4
sh MAKEDEV ad4s1a
fsck /dev/ad4s1[a-i]

> what has happend is that i've added a maxtor ata/100 controller.  this
> older BX board only supports ata/33 so i figure i might as well use the
> full potential of this drive.  the odd thing is that i've disabled native
> motherboard controllers, so why is this drive still listed as ad4?

Because you have "options ATA_STATIC_ID" compiled into the kernel.


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