need help repairing this system... mount issues

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Sun May 18 16:54:13 PDT 2003

--- Matthew Seaman <m.seaman at> wrote:

> Uh -- which sort of disk drive do you have? IDE/ATA use the 'ad'
> driver, SCSI use 'da'.  You seem to be confusing the two.  If you've
> got SCSI disks, then you'ld have to boot from ufs:/dev/da4s1a and try
> and mount /dev/da4s1e.  On the other hand if you've dot IDE drives
> then you should be looking for the device files matching /dev/ad4* If
> the device files are missing, you can generate them from single user
> mode by:
>     # cd /dev
>     # ./MAKEDEV ad4
> which should create a whole set of device files ad4, ad4s1, ad4s1a,
> ad4s1b etc.

thanks for that da/ad clarification, that's something that will stay with
me now. :)

i tried the "sh MAKEDEV all" earlier after reading something on, but that didn't work.  i guess it's good it didn't because i
doubt i need to remake all the files.

however, i'm still getting the same issue with your method.  the following
errors appear:

mknod: ad4: Read-only file system
/sbin/mknod ad4

this happens about 5 times starting with ad4 and ending with ad4s4.  how
can i resolve this?

> However, that's unlikely as most systems can only take 4 ATA drives
> (ad0, ad1, ad2 and ad3).

what has happend is that i've added a maxtor ata/100 controller.  this
older BX board only supports ata/33 so i figure i might as well use the
full potential of this drive.  the odd thing is that i've disabled native
motherboard controllers, so why is this drive still listed as ad4?

again, any and all help will be appreciated.

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