IP Aliasing (and assigning an IP address via DHCP) in rc.conf

Nils Vogels nivo+freebsd-questions at yuckfou.org
Fri May 16 06:05:21 PDT 2003

On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 05:51:08AM -0700, Joe Sotham (JS) wrote:
JS> On a freebsd 4.8-STABLE #0 system
JS> The archives provide excellent information setting up an alias and assigning an ip
JS> address to a NIC card.  There are no examples using DHCP and I thought it would be a
JS> simple matter of following the examples and putting the following in my rc.conf file
JS> ifconfig_fxp0="DHCP"
JS> ifconfig_fxp0_alias0="DHCP"   <=== new config item ...

I think the trouble here is in the 'dhclient' program, which freebsd uses to
get it's DHCP lease.

reading dhclient.conf(5):

       interface "string";

       The  interface  lease  statement  is  used to indicate the interface on
       which the lease is valid.   If set, this lease will only be tried on  a
       particular interface.   When the client receives a lease from a server,
       it always records the interface number on which it received that lease.
       If  predefined  leases  are  specified  in  the dhclient.conf file, the
       interface should also be specified, although this is not required.

Since the interface is the same (aliases have no new interface name), dhclient
probably thinks it already has a lease for this interface.. Why get a new one
? :)



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