Install FreeBSD4.5 on IBM xSeries305&345

Zhong.Lun at Zhong.Lun at
Thu May 15 18:38:07 PDT 2003


I am trying to install FreeBSD4.5 on IBM xSeries305 & xSeries345. The
problems are:

* On xSeries305, I can install the FreeBSD and configure the ethernet port,
but the network is impossible (only can ping and ifconfig tells
me "no carrier" (I am sure the network cable is ok and the network port
green light is on).

* On xSeries345, ServeRAID-5i Ultra320 SCSI controller is installed (with
RAID5 enabled), when processing the installation, FreeBSD cannot detect any
hard disk.

Anybody can help me to sort out these two issues?

Thanks & Regards,
Zhong Lun

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