network problem: ep driver captures packets not intended forthis host

northern snowfall dbailey27 at
Thu May 15 16:47:48 PDT 2003

 From "Network problem: ep driver captures packets not
intended for this host" off the Questions@ list:

>>From this I see that my ip address is and
>the card is not in promiscuous mode. Still when I use
>tcpdump -p it shows all the packets coming and going
>to an other machine on the subnet with ip address
> This machine generates a heavy traffic
>which is passed to my kernel by the ep0 driver.
>Is this the normal behaviour of the system and is
>any way to drop these packets at the ep0 driver level?
Looks like the filters were not set up by the driver
properly. Filter lists tell the card what hardware
addresses to "listen" for, while promiscuous mode
just negates isolation via filters. If the filters
aren't set up properly, you'll see all packets on
the wire. I'm sure a 3Com developer would be faster
in resolving this issue than I, but, filter setup
is definitely where to start looking. I've forwarded
this to -hackers/-hardware.

FYI, he is referring to a:
	3COM Fast Etherlink 16-bit
	PC CARD (3c574-Tx)

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