FreeBSD 5.0 mounted disks are lost after a while(Big Disk)

Joachim Dagerot freebsd at
Tue May 13 00:22:12 PDT 2003

On my FreeBSD 5.0 installation I have two deskstar 170GB disks.
The first is running the system, and is partioned with the 'default'

The second holds exactly one partition and is mounted under /mm

I use samba for copying around 60GB of data from a winXP system onto
this disk, and everything works perfect.

Then suddenly Windows Explorer reports disk full, and when I try a
regular cp on the console I get the same result (disk full).

If I do df the disk wont show up at all.

If I after that run sysinstall/disk label on the disk it will show the
partition but no mount-point, is that correct behaviour?

After re-mounting the df tools lists the disk, but I still get the
disk-full error.

I haven't installed any kind of quota (what I'm aware of [grin]).

Please help out!

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