apache/apache+ssl interchangeable with regard to mod_php4?

Thierry Thomas thierry at pompo.net
Thu May 15 16:20:33 PDT 2003

Le Jeu 15 mai 03 à 20:30:17 +0200, h0444lp6 <h0444lp6 at student.hu-berlin.de>
 écrivait :
> Hi all,


> I am doing a little project which includes an Apache server secured
> ??over?? mod_ssl which serves pages generated using PHP-scripts (to
> connect to MySQL), therefore I installd:
> 1) apache+mod_ssl-1.3.27+2.8.12.tgz
> 2) mod_php4-4.3.1.tgz
> in that order from packages, only to find out that during mod_php4
> install apache got "reinstalled" (apache-1.3.27_4.tgz).

Just define


in your /etc/make.conf (or adapt in /usr/local/etc/pkgtools.conf if you
prefer portupgrade).
Th. Thomas.

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