apache/apache+ssl interchangeable with regard to mod_php4?

h0444lp6 h0444lp6 at student.hu-berlin.de
Thu May 15 11:30:32 PDT 2003

Hi all,

I am doing a little project which includes an Apache server secured
=A1=A7over=A1=A8 mod_ssl which serves pages generated using PHP-scripts =
connect to MySQL), therefore I installd:

1) apache+mod_ssl-1.3.27+2.8.12.tgz
2) mod_php4-4.3.1.tgz

in that order from packages, only to find out that during mod_php4
install apache got "reinstalled" (apache-1.3.27_4.tgz).

My question is now, are "the apaches" in apache-1.3.27_4.tgz and
apache+ssl-1.3.27+2.8.12.tgz identical (the "_4" is confusing me)? To
say can I change the lines in php4-4.3.1's +CONTENTS file pointing to

@pkgdep apache-1.3.27_4
@comment DEPORIGIN:www/apache13

to point to apache+ssl-1.3.27+2.8.12

@pkgdep apache+ssl-1.3.27+2.8.12
@comment DEPORIGIN:www/apache13-modssl

thus circumventing the "reinstallation". Or will I this way run into
trouble later on? I am running 4.8-Release.

Thanks in advance

Zheyu Shen

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