Compaq SMP

Jon Gross jon at
Wed May 14 07:47:06 PDT 2003

Has anyone seen a definitive method for getting SMP working on older Compaq Proliants?  I am the not so proud owner of a Proliant 800 with dual PPro 200.s and I cannot seem to get SMP working, hang on boot right after SCSI spin and right before root mount.  The sad fact is that with some forgotten version of 5-current I installed around November it worked, but during installation of some extra storage space that version was lost.  I have been working on this for the past few months, digging through news groups and searching mailing lists not to mention lots of rebooting, to no avail.  The fact that I had it working at one time, and now it absolutely will not, has my dander up.  What I am looking for are patches that will work with anything newer than 4.7 or some setting that I might be missing.  I have gone through the myriad settings in the inane Compaq .BIOS. and the only way it fully boots is by ignoring the fact that I have two processors in the machine.


Jon Gross

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