make release and various make.conf's

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Tue May 13 19:36:10 PDT 2003

Stijn Hoop <stijn at> writes:

> I want to build a release that's as pristine as possible. Therefore
> I wanted to use a separate make.conf (A) for the initial chroot installation
> 'make buildworld', and a separate make.conf (B) for the 'make release' step.
> As the host's /etc/make.conf has options that are not appropriate for
> building the initial chroot install, make.conf (A) cannot be /etc/make.conf.
> So I tried to build the chroot install with
> # env __MAKE_CONF=/freebsd/etc/ make buildworld
> which succeeded. Then I tried to make the release but there I ran into
> a problem -- I needed to specify the above in the __MAKE_CONF
> variable in order for the initial 'installworld' to succeed -- but then I
> couldn't specify a __MAKE_CONF for the release build!
> Is there a way to accomplish what I want?

I believe the release engineers normally use a jail(8) for this purpose.

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