Radius server and 3Com Total Control unit

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue May 13 16:59:12 PDT 2003

> I've got a 3Com Total Control unit serving as my analog dialin back. It 
> uses redundant Win2k Radius servers for authentication. The radius 
> database is Microslosh Access XP.
> I'd really like to move away from the Win2k-based Radius servers. My 
> concern is that there are 3Com specific functions that require their 
> software (which includes the authentication daemons and the database).
> My experience with Radius is limited to this setup.
> Has anyone used a FreeBSD-based radius server? I'm looking for Pros and 
> Cons before committing to a switch.

Yah, we have about 75 servers running FreeBSD and Radius scattered around
the state.   No problem except that due to a funny local issue we have
to use the wrong ports for Radius.

> Thanks.

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