NIC hardwaresupport? (Realtek 8201BL)

Anthony Naggs tony at
Mon May 12 22:59:35 PDT 2003

In article <200305122111.h4CLBkv01161 at>, Joachim Dagerot
<freebsd at> writes
>Today I bought a shuttle ( and tried to install
>freeBSD 5 on that one, no luck at all, the network card driver never

There are quite a few models there, and you haven't said which one you

>Right now it's installing and I would like help with how I can achieve
>support for a NIC named: Realtek 8201BL support IEEE 802.3u

There are 2 important components for an Ethernet interface, a NIC and a
PHY.  The NIC (Network Interface Controller) or MAC (Media Access
Controller) does all the processing of data packets, and is primarily
what the driver talks to.  The PHY (Physical interface) connects the NIC
to the coax, twisted pair cable, fibre, wireless, etc...  For a coax or
twisted pair Ethernet the PHY (in essence) allows data to be received
and transmitted but isolates the PC when the power is off.

The Realtek 8201BL is a PHY.  To know which driver to use you need to
determine what NIC or MAC is in your system.


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