NIC hardwaresupport? (Realtek 8201BL)

Joachim Dagerot freebsd at
Mon May 12 14:11:55 PDT 2003

I have used freeBSD on an old shitty cirux300 machine with very
obscure hardware - and it installed and ran perfect.

Today I bought a shuttle ( and tried to install
freeBSD 5 on that one, no luck at all, the network card driver never

I even got so frustrated that I loaded all modules on the drives.flp
(Yes, I'm booting on floppy and installing over ethernet) but with no
luck. Hade to add another NIC to the machine (from the other freeBSD

Right now it's installing and I would like help with how I can achieve
support for a NIC named: Realtek 8201BL support IEEE 802.3u

Thanks in advance,

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