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Simon Barner barner at
Sun May 11 20:50:43 PDT 2003


> Hi, I would like to know where can i get information about how to mount a
> linux procfs that I need to run vmware2 from port collection.

Just add this line to your /etc/fstab
   linproc         /compat/linux/proc      linprocfs rw            0       0
and run "mount /compat/linux/proc" (it will be mounted automatically the
next time you boot your machine).

> By the way, Where can i get information about installing vmware on
> freebsd?

Hmm, your first problem might be, that the vendor of vmware does not
sell licenses for version 2.x anymore. Maybe you should give v. 3 a try,
which has been added to the ports collection recently (but which I do
not have any experience with).

> while building vmware2 many ports where installed, What is the port that
> installed linuxproc fs ?

That was ports/emulators/linuxbase, the base of the linux ABI
compatibility layer.

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