CS4614 supported?

Eric D Kjeldergaard kjelderg at aero.und.edu
Sun May 11 20:17:53 PDT 2003

I should begin by telling you that I am very new to FreeBSD.  My current 
roommate converted me over from Linux (and occasional Windows).  I have 
two soundcards in my system.  They both (in Linux) work with the CS461x 
driver.  In FreeBSD, they appear to be recognised as CS4614 cards, but I 
get an invalid SSID.  In my "googling" for answers, I have noticed a lot 
of dmesg reports and system boots show the same message and it appears 
that people in large part don't care.  I also saw one dmesg that seemed to 
have it working, although in that case, it was an onboard cs4614 chip.  
I've tried to kldload the snd_csa.ko, snd_driver.ko, and snd_pcm.ko in 
various combinations.  I keep getting the same error.  I'll paste the 
message that has been plaguing me below.  If anyone has any suggestions or 
any "final word", I would be very relieved and grateful.  Thank you for 
any help.

Relevant output of dmesg:

pid 533 (gaim), uid 0: exited on signal 6 (core dumped)
csa0: <CS4280/CS4614/CS4622/CS4624/CS4630> mem 
0xe8100000-0xe81fffff,0xe8203000-0xe8203fff irq 11 at device 9.0 on pci0
csa: card is Unknown/invalid SSID (CS4614)
csa1: <CS4280/CS4614/CS4622/CS4624/CS4630> mem 
0xe8000000-0xe80fffff,0xe8202000-0xe8202fff irq 9 at device 11.0 on pci0
csa: card is Unknown/invalid SSID (CS4614)
pcm0: <CS461x PCM Audio> on csa0
pcm1: <CS461x PCM Audio> on csa1

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