XFree86 on laptop Dell inspiron 2650

Fabio Miranda Hamburger fabmirha at ns.isi.ulatina.ac.cr
Sat May 10 11:20:05 PDT 2003

I love unix and freebsd and I would like to install it on my laptop but I
would like to know if it is waste of time install freebsd on a laptop.
I know how stable and flexible is freebsd on servers but I dont know if i
am wasting m time trying to set up X on a system that is not prepared for
Is practical to instgall freebsd on a laptop? or it is better to choose XP
or linux ?
Where ca n i get howtos for freebsd on laptop?

Fabio Andres Miranda
Ingenieria de sistemas informaticos
Universidad Latina - Costa Rica

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