what is /var/empty

Gavin Kenny gavinkenny at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 9 08:43:30 PDT 2003

OK nearly got my xe card working, foregot to enable
pccard in rc.conf (Doh)

however dmesg says the card is 100Mbps capable and
seems to load the driver but then prints the following
two lines:

module_register: module pccard/xe already exists!
linker_file_sysinit "if_xe.ko" failed to register! 17

Anyone got any ideas what these mean?

The card can be configured and runs at 10Mbps, but I
can't get it to run at 100Mbps which is crucial. Does
this driver run at 100Mbps?



 --- Vince Hoffman <Vince.Hoffman at uk.circle.com>
wrote: > > 1) I usually put var in /usr/var and
softlink it.
> only
> > I can't delete the original /var as there is a
> > directory called empty in it, even as root I can't
> > change it's permissions or delete it. What is this
> > empty directory?!?!
> > 
> Its used by the sshd priv seperation user if i
> remember rightly. are you in
> by ssh ? If not try killing off sshd and trying
> again.
> > 2)my xe (Xircom pccard) network adapter is no
> longer
> > recognised, it was in 4.4 and it is compiled in
> the
> > GENERIC driver, what gives?
> > 
> Funny mine works fine. What error does it give (if
> any) in dmesg when it
> tries to load the driver ? ?

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