what is /var/empty

Vince Hoffman Vince.Hoffman at uk.circle.com
Thu May 8 09:33:45 PDT 2003

> 1) I usually put var in /usr/var and softlink it. only
> I can't delete the original /var as there is a
> directory called empty in it, even as root I can't
> change it's permissions or delete it. What is this
> empty directory?!?!
Its used by the sshd priv seperation user if i remember rightly. are you in
by ssh ? If not try killing off sshd and trying again.

> 2)my xe (Xircom pccard) network adapter is no longer
> recognised, it was in 4.4 and it is compiled in the
> GENERIC driver, what gives?

Funny mine works fine. What error does it give (if any) in dmesg when it
tries to load the driver ? ?


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