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On Wed, 7 May 2003, Hudson T Clark wrote:

> Ok I installed mini freebsd 5.0 my friend had mailed me. I setup
> evertying its on my LAN. I can ping it from my two windows boxs just
> fine. I noticed it had a smtp service running... I tried connecting to it
> as localhost from my freebsd machine it works fine. If I try to connect
> to it with the freebsd machines real ip address on the network it won't
> work its rejected.... What could the problem be? Only localhost will work
> I'm sure its a configuration file I just can't figure it out I have tried
> reading the handbook for this problem.
> My other problem is I can't figure out how to enable things like telnet,
> I tried editing /etc/inetd.conf... I restarted the machine and it didn't
> work!
This should do the trick: delete the #'s at the beginning of the
respective line and reboot or type
	# /etc/netstart
Mind you can't telnet into a machine as super-user root.

Did you also uncomment the lines about netbios and swat to enable
samba services?



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