network services

Hudson T Clark dark_archon1 at
Thu May 8 09:57:45 PDT 2003

Ok I installed mini freebsd 5.0 my friend had mailed me. I setup
evertying its on my LAN. I can ping it from my two windows boxs just
fine. I noticed it had a smtp service running... I tried connecting to it
as localhost from my freebsd machine it works fine. If I try to connect
to it with the freebsd machines real ip address on the network it won't
work its rejected.... What could the problem be? Only localhost will work
I'm sure its a configuration file I just can't figure it out I have tried
reading the handbook for this problem.

My other problem is I can't figure out how to enable things like telnet,
I tried editing /etc/inetd.conf... I restarted the machine and it didn't

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