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> Hi, I have a Hauppauge WinTV-NEXUS-s video capture card, I compile

Sorry, before I read the next 150 Mails, here my answer:

First, the NEXUS is no capture card but a ~1.2GHz Tuner with a hardware
mpeg2 decoder.
This puppy is controled (afaik) via iic/smb.
This card is definitively not supported under FreeBSD (has nothing todo
with the brooktree chipset, althoug the control commands could be the
same; Phillips iic standard).
There is a project called They wrote a driver for the Linux
kernel, but I don't exactly know if it is compliant to the TechnoTrend
API or someting different (but they supply the ARM core on the card with
the original TechnoTrend Firmware).
There's also a project called VDR ( which
provides excellent applications for this card (no NOVA etc. support).

I have a HTPC with this card running on (*blameonme*) M$, but I'm no
coder so for me it's impossible to do any FreeBSD port of the driver
(which is basic for VDR).

I'd highly appreciate any activity in that environment.

Best regards,


> the kernel with following options:
> # bktr
> device iicbus
> device iicbb
> device smbus
> device          bktr
> options       OVERRIDE_CARD=2
> options       OVERRIDE_TUNER=2
> options       OVERRIDE_DBX=1
> options       OVERRIDE_MSP=1
> options       BKTR_USE_PLL
> and make these devices, bktr0, tuner0 and vbi0 from /dev.
> But now I don't know how view if FreeBSD has recognized the
> WinTV-NEXUS-s card, somebody know how I can view if FreeBSD detected
> this card?
> Thanks.
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> xxavi
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