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On Thu, 8 May 2003, xxavi wrote:

> Hi, I have a Hauppauge WinTV-NEXUS-s video capture card, I compile the kernel
> with following options:
> # bktr
> device iicbus
> device iicbb
> device smbus
> device          bktr
> options       OVERRIDE_CARD=2
> options       OVERRIDE_TUNER=2
> options       OVERRIDE_DBX=1
> options       OVERRIDE_MSP=1
> options       BKTR_USE_PLL
> and make these devices, bktr0, tuner0 and vbi0 from /dev.
> But now I don't know how view if FreeBSD has recognized the WinTV-NEXUS-s card,
> somebody know how I can view if FreeBSD detected this card?
> Thanks.

have you ever searched the web about this??

first: the Hauppauge WinTV-Nexus-s card has nothing to do with bktr in
FreeBSD. the bktr driver is for the older analogue TV cards made by
Hauppauge and many other.. these cards are based on the Brooktree Chips
Bt848/Bt848a Bt878 Bt879..

the Nexus-[sct], Nova-[sct] are digital TV cards (for DVB only), where the
Nexus series cover a hardware MPEG-II decoder and the Nova cards not..
so you need a completely different driver..
every card is available with 3 different frontends, S for satelite, C for
cable and T for terrestrial.. so there is also a need to support the
different frontends..

as far as i know, noone has done it completely for FreeBSD or any other
the only thing i found is a very old driver based on the linux driver
sources ( available at )

the opnly thing that this old driver supports is the network functionality
(Internet over Satelite, SkyDSL..) of the DVB cards, and this only for
older TechnoTrend/Hauppauge and SkyStar cards..
there is no piece of handling video/audio in it..

this old driver for FreeBSD is available at

i also would like to use my DVB cards under FreeBSD to move completely
away from linux.

so i will do my very best to support everyone with information and heavy
testing if someone want's to port the linux driver to FreeBSD

feel free to contact me

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