Vinum Support on 5.0 release

James Taylor jimmykt123 at
Wed May 7 00:39:24 PDT 2003

That seemed to work like a charm! thanks a bunch.

However, now I'm running into problem 2 :)

Every howto for vinum wants you to run disklabel to
setup partitions.  However on Sparc64 this doesn't
seem to work and the workaround is to run

I can go in here and create the partitions for the 3
drives I'm working on.  When I create the partitions,
it wants a mount point.  The 3 drives are going to be
in a raid5 array, so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to
be doing here.  I tried not setting a mountpoint, but
when you do that it errors trying to write.

I created a conf file that looks like this:

drive d1 device /dev/da0d
drive d2 device /dev/da1d
drive d3 device /dev/da2d
volume raid
 plex org raid5 512k
  sd length 34985m drive d1
  sd length 34985m drive d2
  sd length 34985m drive d3

After running vinum create -v vinum.conf, it seems to
go through but nothing really happens.  Can you point
me in the right direction on this one? I've read
through the manpages but can't come up with an answer,
and I've been messing with this for about a week now
with no success.

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