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Tue May 6 10:57:16 PDT 2003

The booting information is exactly correct. The only thing I have to add
is that at least some versions of windows 2k rewrite the master boot
record. So partition the disk install win2k and then FreeBSD. I think
there are other issues with win XP.

>From memory I believe that fdisk /mbr will rewrite the MBR. The last time
I did this I just did windows first and FreeBSD second. If you already
have windows installed and can compress your disk, there is a utility to
lop off some of the partition. I believe this only works on FAT systems.

By far the easiest way to install a GUI the first time is to make or get a
distribution CD and install from the sysinstall options. As you get more
familiar with the build process and FreeBSD's package system that is
equally easy and you can decide which method best suits your needs.

On Tue, 6 May 2003, Jerry McAllister wrote:

> > 
> > I want to ask weather i can use windows with freeBSD on the same hard disk 
> > but different partitions on a Intel Pentium III Processor or not. 
> The answer is yes.  It is called 'dual booting' (even if you have three
> or four different OSes).   A couple of things just to be clear:  The
> term that BSD UNIX uses is "slice".   (Then within each slice there can
> be up to 8 UNIX partitions a-h although 4 partitions have designated or 
> traditional uses that should be maintained - a is used for root on the 
> boot slice, b is used for swap on any/all slices, c refers to the whole 
> unpartitioned slice, d is something special that doesn't seem to get used
> and I don't remember what it was on our old SUNs, et al)  Microsoft uses 
> the word partition to mean the same thing as the BSD UNIX 'slice'.   
> The slice[MS partition] is on the disk, not the processor (which is what I
> think you meant to say above).
> Look in the FreeBSD Handbook which you can read online, download or
> buy for informatino on dual booting FreeBSD with other OSes.
> > I also want to ask how to install GUI for FreeBSD. i am a Qualified 
> > programmer and i want to help in the development of FreeBSD. 
> Someone else will be able to say more about GUI-s in FreeBSD better
> that I can.
> ////jerry
> > Thanking You Abhishek
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