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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Tue May 6 10:26:55 PDT 2003

> I want to ask weather i can use windows with freeBSD on the same hard disk 
> but different partitions on a Intel Pentium III Processor or not. 

The answer is yes.  It is called 'dual booting' (even if you have three
or four different OSes).   A couple of things just to be clear:  The
term that BSD UNIX uses is "slice".   (Then within each slice there can
be up to 8 UNIX partitions a-h although 4 partitions have designated or 
traditional uses that should be maintained - a is used for root on the 
boot slice, b is used for swap on any/all slices, c refers to the whole 
unpartitioned slice, d is something special that doesn't seem to get used
and I don't remember what it was on our old SUNs, et al)  Microsoft uses 
the word partition to mean the same thing as the BSD UNIX 'slice'.   

The slice[MS partition] is on the disk, not the processor (which is what I
think you meant to say above).

Look in the FreeBSD Handbook which you can read online, download or
buy for informatino on dual booting FreeBSD with other OSes.

> I also want to ask how to install GUI for FreeBSD. i am a Qualified 
> programmer and i want to help in the development of FreeBSD. 

Someone else will be able to say more about GUI-s in FreeBSD better
that I can.


> Thanking You Abhishek
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