What trigers PPP?

Konrad Heuer kheuer2 at gwdg.de
Tue May 6 04:38:31 PDT 2003

On Tue, 6 May 2003, Wayne Swart wrote:

> We have a dial on demand server at a client. Running FreeBSD4.7-RELEASE.
> The server act as a gateway and has squid and samba running on it.
> Ony certain ppl on the lan are allowed access to the squid, but all the
> netbios.
> Something triggers the ppp on this box and I can't find what exactly it
> is.
> All the gateway and DNS settings have been removed from all the client
> pc's on the lan (running windows 2000 prof. (if that helps)). That caused
> the ppp to kick in everytime someone made even a netbios request through
> the server.
> Now we have removed all of them, but the ppp still kicks in every now and
> then (more often than what is specified in crontab).
> I took a look at the tcpdump logs as well, and that shows only netbios
> requests from the inside to other boxes on the inside, nothing goes out
> via tun0, according to tcpdump, is there anything else i can look for?

Maybe you should look for tcp connections still being open on the box via
"netstat -n"?

>From time to time I observed a similar behavior which was caused tcp "keep
alive" requests from the box to outer world because some connections still
were unclosed.


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