What trigers PPP?

Wayne Swart fixx at fixx.co.za
Tue May 6 04:14:43 PDT 2003


We have a dial on demand server at a client. Running FreeBSD4.7-RELEASE.
The server act as a gateway and has squid and samba running on it.

Ony certain ppl on the lan are allowed access to the squid, but all the

Something triggers the ppp on this box and I can't find what exactly it

All the gateway and DNS settings have been removed from all the client
pc's on the lan (running windows 2000 prof. (if that helps)). That caused
the ppp to kick in everytime someone made even a netbios request through
the server.

Now we have removed all of them, but the ppp still kicks in every now and
then (more often than what is specified in crontab).
I took a look at the tcpdump logs as well, and that shows only netbios
requests from the inside to other boxes on the inside, nothing goes out
via tun0, according to tcpdump, is there anything else i can look for?

Any help is appreciated...


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