portupgrade: installed package "succeeds port" ?

Kent Stewart kstewart at owt.com
Mon May 5 20:47:59 PDT 2003

On Monday 05 May 2003 08:08 pm, Rob Lahaye wrote:
> Jim Trigg wrote:
> > Actually, I've found that "cd /usr/ports; make index" is more
> > reliable than "portsdb -U".
> Are you sure? "make index" runs for ever here!
> On a 700 MHz Pentium III PC, it's already running for over an hour,
> without any indication of doing something useful. The
> /usr/ports/INDEX file has still size 0.

It takes as much as 50% longer than -U. On my AMD 2000+ XP, it runs on 
the order of 15-20 minutes. I also don't run it when my mirror is being 
updated :).

There are times when "make index" is broken and you have to use "portsdb 
-U". The inverse is also true. I have ended up using make index because 
Kris has a script that appears to run every 2 hours and tells the ports 
people when make index is broken. There isn't anything similar for 
portsdb -U.

> portsdb -U also lasts for a long while, but at least finishes at some
> point :).
> Or have I broken anything in the ports administration?
> But what else is there than the INDEX file?

You also need INDEX.db if you want to use portupgrade and tools.


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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