It's fixed!! (was Re: Setting spam assassin to capture viruses?)

Dragoncrest dragoncrest at
Sun May 4 19:19:52 PDT 2003

         Well, I toyed with that procmail recipe a bit over the last two 
days and found out what was hosing up the works.  It had to do with 
something really quirky about my mail setup.  But either way it's 
fixed.  It now does everything I need it to.  I've also even modified it a 
slight bit so that it automatically takes all emails with qualifying 
attachments and throws them into a special virus folder.  Thanks for the 
help!!  :)

At 10:52 PM 5/3/03 -0400, Dragoncrest wrote:
>         Uh, got a slight problem with that recipe you sent me.  It's now 
> corrupting my inbox.
>At 02:05 PM 5/3/03 +0100, Danny Horne wrote:
>>Dragoncrest was once thought to have said:
>> >       Is there a way I can adjust by hand spam assassin's config file 
>> or one of
>> > the files it uses to detect spam so that it also will look for attachments
>> > and if it finds anything with the extension of pif, scr, exe, or com, it
>> > will automatically flag it as spam and toss it in my spam folder?  I want
>> > to set it to block certain types of attachments on email.  Or would 
>> that be
>> > better done with procmail?  Qpopper?  Just curious what's the best way to
>> > block these.  I figure if spam assassin will do it, I'll just adjust it so
>> > that it takes care of this for me.  Thanks.
>> >
>>I use this procmail recipe for that -
>>:0 fhw
>>* B ?? ^Content-type: (audio|application)
>>* B ?? name=.*\.(com|exe|bat|scr|pif|hta|shs|vb[es]|ws[fh])\>
>>* Subject: *\/.+
>>| formail -I "Subject: POSSIBLE VIRUS: $MATCH"
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